Trowbridge is a rapidly growing town. It is essential that residential growth is accompanied by the growth of Trowbridge as a quality business, retail, leisure and cultural environment.

Transforming Trowbridge intends to identify and interact with the private and public sector to ensure opportunities are grasped. If you think we can help, please do contact us.


Our priorities are focussed on


1) Strengthening the retail quality of Trowbridge

We intend to work with the owners of Castle Place and the Shires and seek to introduce to them new local and national retailers



2) Creating jobs

We will work to identify employers who have the ability to establish businesses in immediately available office accommodation on the White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge’s premier employment location, the best example of which is the Pavilions which can provide accommodation for over 1,000 jobs.




3) Marketing Trowbridge

We intend to support current initiatives which will enhance the quality of the Town and its ability to grow by:


a) Supporting the Business Imporvement District (BID)


b) Supporting the initiative to enlarge the town's boundaries


c) Supporting the initiative to establish Trowbridge Town Hall (below) as a regionally significant Arts Venue

The Town Hall, in the heart of the Town Centre, is open six days a week as a centre for arts, culture and heritage.  Its continued development means it will play a key role in the cultural and economic development of the Town.




4) Development opportunities

A number of sites in Trowbridge are either underused or have limited, and in some cases, inappropriate use;  it is our intention to assist the owners in bringing forward the development of relevant schemes to improve the drawing power of Trowbridge.





We intend to encourage the development of this premier site for a high quality mixed use development. It is a fantastic opportunity to deliver a development which will underscore the quality of Trowbridge and bring together a Health and Wellbeing Centre plus leisure opportunities.

The photo below was taken in February 2016 and the building has since been demolished.